Decentralized, Free and Open Source Community in the Matrix!

SSG Media enters the Matrix

Free, anonymous and Open Source based community, chat, groups, private rooms, encrypted file transfers and more! Works on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and IOS! - Matrix, the network and Server side and Element Matrix Client is not related to SSG. Multi Devices are supported at the same time. Nobody sees in which rooms you are, so mixed usage for business and fun is possible. Decentralized, not related to any company. Everybody is free to use public servers or also add his own Matrix Server to the Matrix.


  • go to and download Element Matrix Messenger for your Device or operating system.
  • create free account after starting Element Do not forget your password!
  • more clients can be online at the same time, all synced
  • search ssgmedia in the room list, or enter /join in the message box and join us!
  • free, secure, open source, no central control, hiding your IP and much more!
  • you can even add your own Matrix Synapse server to the Matrix if you like!

Millions of people moved to Matrix / Element because of the named features and use it for their business and fun stuff. We are sure, you will not move away as we will stay on here for a long time. Free, secure, decentralized and Open Source is the future of communication.

If you need help or want to discuss a custom request feel free to start a 1:1 chat with us using the address

Visit now and start into a better online messaging!

NOTE: For security reasons you can only read the content in a room starting with the time you join the room. You can not scroll back to messages before your room join time. So join immediately to not miss images, videos, links or interesting discussions!

NOTE: Nobody can see in which rooms other people are. So you can use it for business and fun!

NOTE: If there is a question in regards of unconfirmed devices, click “send anyway” to get your message sent. more details later!

Currently we have opened one public room inside the community. All other rooms needs invitation. Feel free to join and discuss:


If you are new to Matrix start here to join our room:

You find the room also in the room list. Please note, user addresses begins with @username:serverdomain.tld and group chat rooms starts with #, e.g. #myroom:serverdomain.tld.

Contact us using a 1:1 Chat

Our personal account is Feel free to open a 1:1 chat if you need help or want to discuss a custom set.

Why we have choosen Element Matrix Messenger because:

  • free and Open Source, not related with SSG Media, available to anybody
  • translated into a lot of languages
  • does not need email address or phone number to register
  • decentralized, so you can join any public server, no central censorship
  • multi device sync, you can use Desktop, Mobile, even more of them at the same time and all are in sync
  • you can even run your own so called homeserver and connect with others
  • secure and End-to-End encrypted without any backdoor
  • hiding the IP addresses, so other users are not able to see your IP address
  • able to connect anonymously via Tor if required
  • you are able to chat 1:1 with others, or open own group chat rooms too
  • nobody sees in which rooms you are or with whom you communicate

We will add rooms to talk to the models, also private rooms to discuss your custom set with us and if possible with the model. Most of our models already use Element Matrix Messenger. A very good place to share images and other stuff too.

Using Element Matrix Messenger moves communities to a new level! No central organization controls something and if you have some IT knowledge you can add your own server/instance to the net if you like. Otherwise use one of the public available servers to register. Feel free to ask us there, if you have any problems or questions.