About us

SSG Media was founded 2008 and started immediately with Action Videos. We operate the Sexy Spy Girls Website since Q3/2008. Because some understand spy wrong, spy is an agent mostly working for some of the secret services worldwide. We produce and sell – Action Movies – only! No XXX is shown on this site! Low budget production! This website was created by and is intended for fans of gun girls, deadly female agents, action girls, crime shows , horror movies, murder mystery theater-parties and old detective magazines.

Later we started to produce books, images and other products too. Actually the “Dream Girls” and “Girls and Guns” photo books are sold very well. We are very happy that you enjoy our products and that our move into another genre was that successful.

We mostly produce Dream Girls since 2019 and only a very few Girls and Gun stuff. But Our models and we are also specialized in crime scene simulations, similar to what you see on television and in movies. The material here is mostly without nudity, so it would be rated 16+ in most countries, as similiar movies in TV and cinema are too. Please note that these photo sets are simulations, not actual crime scenes. None of the models (or photographers :-) ) are ever injured while shooting photo sets or videos for SSG. The shootings are lot of fun for our models and the team.

We started with photo books and except of “Girls and Guns” we also published new “Dream Girls” in 2019. With the “Dream Girls” series we moved away from our main genre and started into a new market.

Copyright & Updates

All images and content on this website is copyrighted by SSGMedia.net and may not be used without permission. We file a law suite against everybody publishing or reselling any of our content, even in parts or to restricted communities only. If we can not reach the person publishing the stuff, we will file against the server operator, which is legal since 2018. If you need publishing rights, contact us to be safe! Please be aware that due to the new EU law you will receive a minimum fee of USD 2.500,– per publication of a single element and our lawyers works worldwide.