World Wide Clone Wars 1 - Merlin, Freckles and 6 other Stars

World Wide Clone Wars 1


SSG Superstars Merlin and Freckles also starring Tink, Black Swan, Blond Pearl, Ines, Martina, Dzynabella

Running Time: 17:52 Minutes

Contains: 24 Stunt Action Scenes, Freckles (s6 mg1), Merlin (mg3 s2), Tink (s1 st1 mg 1), Black Swan (mg3 s1), Blond Pearl (s2), Ines (s1), Martina (s1), Dzynabella (s1)

This is the first new release since a longer time! 8 super sexy Agents are fighting hard to remove masses of clones. The Agency also sends special forces to help them fight and the blood bath starts!

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The video does not contain any publish or resell rights, but these extra licenses are available on request. Feel free to contact us with any requests.

We hope you enjoy this new series!

We plan more new releases soon!